Friday, June 3, 2011

N = 1; Take 2

My New N=1 Adventure:

Since, I'm not going to do the strict Paleo challenge as my n=1 experiment, I want to do something else.  I'd like to experiment with a few different forms of Intermittent Fasting (IF).  Here's my plan- practice several different forms of fasting for two week intervals and see how my body responds.  The markers will be blood sugar, hunger/satiety, weight, energy levels, and mood.  Blood sugar will be measured by a glucose monitor; weight by scale; and the other perimeters will be measured using rating scales (that I'll develop).

I will experiment with each of the following forms of IF while keeping my diet (Paleo 2.0/Primal) and also controlling for activity levels;
  • Fast-5 (for 5 days per week)
  • ESE (3-4 times in two weeks)
  • Deconditioning Diet (as per Todd Becker)
  • Leangains - IF and regimented, fasted training
  • Random IF - as per Art DeVany
  • Control - no IF
That's 6 categories, so were looking at 12 weeks to complete the experiments.  I'll begin next week.  Stay tuned!

I should give a shout out to Jimmy Moore.  His n=1 experiments are very motivating.

Update on My Eating:  Now that I have relaxed a bit on the scrict Paleo rules, I feel better about what I'm eating, and have been more compliant.  I've decided to try limiting dairy and white rice to one meal per day.

Here's what I've been eating:
Breakfast - Eggs, bacon, sausage
Lunch - Chicken broth, salad w cheese, leftover chicken in sauce
Dinner - meatballs, asparagus, tomatoes
Breakfast - none
Lunch- same as 6/1 w/o cheese, and strawberries
Dinner - meatballs, tomatoes, sweet potato
Desert - 1 cup of organic rice cereal
Breakfast - none
Snack - 2 hard-boiled eggs
Lunch - Chicken broth, meatballs with sauce, strawberries
Dinner - Chicken with reduction sauce, buttered carrots, maybe a salad

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