Wednesday, June 15, 2011

6/15/11: Fast-5 Day 3

Weight – 156

6:30am blood glucose – 87 mg/dL

Morning Update: Again, I have been experiencing some hunger pangs this morning, but nothing that I can’t handle, or that doesn’t pass quickly.  I’ve been trying to drink water when I feel that sensation, which helps (and keeps my hydrated).  I dropped one pound from my starting weight, which is nice to see (no the be all and end all, though).  My “break-fast” today will be a raw tomato (with Himalayan salt), sausage with tomato sauce, 2 hard-boiled eggs and come cherries and strawberries.  Not sure about dinner tonight, as my mother is coming and said she wants to treat us.  It’s nice that I don’t have to be too careful eating out, as I know my calorie intake for today has been low (that said, I should mention that I rarely eat out, mostly because I have a hard time finding healthy foods at most restaurants – food just isn’t as rewarding or tasty when I know it is unhealthy).  One more observation, I love not having to spend time eating breakfast in the mornings, during the workweek.  It makes my mornings run smoothly and gives me time to prep for the evening’s meal.

1:30pm blood glucose – 84 mg/dL

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