Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/16/11: Fast-5 Day 4

Weight – 154

6:00am blood glucose – 90mg/dL

Update:  Yet again, I’ve been experiencing hunger in the morning.  It’s not been too distracting, but definitely noticeable.  I’ve been doing IF for a while, but this is the most days in a row that I’ve fasted for extended periods of time.  I have lost a couple more pounds.  We’ll see if that continues.

TMI Warning – I’ve noticed that since starting this fasting regimen that my bowels have been moving faster and more regular.  Prior to this, I’d have movements once, maybe twice per day.  This week, it’s been more like 2-3 times per day.  Interesting.

I broke today’s fast a little early, as we were having a luncheon at work (Chipotle – yummy!).  My approach to my diet (and fasting) is to not be too stringent about it.  I am passionate about my way of eating, but not obsessive.  I run my life.  So, I wanted to have lunch with my work friends, and that’s what I did, at about 1pm (an hour before my fast should have been completed).  I forgot to take my blood glucose prior to the meal.  I’ll be sure to do so tomorrow.

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