Monday, June 6, 2011

N=1 To Do List

Okay, I didn't get to everything I wanted to this weekend to start this experiment, so I'm going to delay until next Monday.

Here's what I want to accomplish in preparation:
-Buy glucometer and practice using it (this will also give me a rough baseline)
-Create rating scales for hunger/satiety, energy levels, and mood
-Read the entire eBook on Fast-5, and write a post defining the practice

Update on My Eating:
Though I really want to make it through a weekend gluten-free, this was not the weekend.  I had a cookie at a graduation party (it wasn't that good and my stomach was cramping for a bit afterwards), and I had pizza following for dinner (I ate very little crust, but since I was away from home, I didn't have as much choice in the food).  Going by Mark Sisson's 80/20 rule, I was still on track.  My eating the rest of the weekend was good, with minimal cheese and rice consumption.

Today, I'm fasting this morning.  Later, I'll have sausage, hard boiled eggs, salad and broth for lunch.  Dinner is going be be baked chicken in reduction sauce with broccoli.

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