Monday, June 20, 2011

6/17/11: Fast-5 Day 5

Weight – 153

8:30am blood glucose – 76mg/dL

Update:  I lost another pound, and I feel like I’m fitting into my clothes better, as well.  This morning has been the easiest so far, regarding hunger.  I decided to check my blood glucose later in the day and found it to be lower than my usual early morning levels.  I have not noticed any dip in energy levels today either.  I even went for a walk this morning, and felt great.  Tomorrow, I plan on not fasting.  It will be a “re-feeding day.”  As is a concern with calorie restriction, I don’t want my body to adjust too much to this caloric intake by slowing down my metabolic rate.  I’ll probably see a bit of a rebound in my weight, which is okay.  I’ll post a summary of the weekend on Monday.

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