Tuesday, June 14, 2011

6/14/11: Fast-5 Day 2

Weight – 157

6:30am blood glucose – 84 mg/dL

Morning Update:  I found it interesting that my weight stayed stable and my blood sugar went down a few points.  I’ll be closely monitoring my glucose levels, to make sure they don’t drop too much, as I continue fasting.  I have basically normal energy levels this morning.  I felt hungry when I first woke up, but that sensation passed quickly. 

1:45pm blood glucose – 69mg/dL

Afternoon Update:  I had no problem fasting this morning.  Very few hunger pangs.  My energy was a little low in the morning, but that’s probably normal for me.  Sometimes I need a little caffeine in the morning and I haven’t been having my morning tea.  The lull in energy faded and I went through the morning energized and focused.  The time went quickly, too, as I’m very busy at work at the moment.  The most surprising thing was that my blood glucose number dropped from 84 to 69.  I checked with the nurse (I work for a school) and she said that this was not a cause for concern.  I’ll continue to closely monitor this, though, just in case.  If we drop down to 60mg/dL, or lower, I may decide to alter what I’m doing.  For lunch today, I ate a salad (with bacon, cranberries, olive oil and apple cider vinegar), 2 hard boiled eggs, a slice of meatloaf (with organic ketchup), and leftover fruit (local cherries and strawberries) from yesterday’s lunch.

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