Friday, May 20, 2011

Podcast Round-up 5/20/11

Each week, I plan to share with you the alternative health and nutrition podcasts that I found the most interesting and helpful.  Here’s this week’s list:

NOTE:  You do not need an ipod to enjoy these podcasts.  The links below, send you to websites where you can listen right online.  Most of these shows are also available, through iTunes, though, for those of you with an ipod or iphone who want to listen on the go.

This week’s Dr. Lo Radio Show featured a natural dermatologist, Daniel Lapp.  He discussed natural and nutritional remedies for many skin problems, like acne and eczema.  He also discussed useful information on sun protection.  Check it out at

Latest in Paleo had a very moving podcast this week.  Angelo Coppola, who runs the podcast, shared the story of his daughter’s recent, premature birth.  It was a powerful story, which highlighted the importance of having a plan for the possibility of premature births and of using donor breastmilk with preemies.  Find the podcast here:

This week’s Livin’ La Vida Low Carb shows included discussions with two doctors (Dr. Daniel Jones and Dr. David Stewart) who have embraced the whole food, low-carb approach to health and wellness.  Each conversation provided great insight from each doctor’s unique point of view.  The low-carb movement seems to be growing not only among lay peole, like myself, but also within the medical community, which is awesome. Podcasts can be downloaded in iTunes or on the LLVLC show website here:

I had to add one more.  One of my newly found favorite podcasts comes all the way across the Atlantic from England's super-cool Dr. Briffa.  This week he discusses, " 
Vitamin D boosts wellbeing in the elderly, the nonsense of ‘normal’ ranges, and why the ‘broadening of disease’ can be good business for drug companies but leave ordinary people worse off."  His podcast can be found here:

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