Monday, May 23, 2011

My Husband Was Right!

Okay, okay, okay.  My husband is making me write this.  Back when I was a lipophobe (i.e. scared of saturated fat), I made some mistakes that he’d like to highlight.  I was wrong and he was right.

The Red Lobster Story
As my husband tells it …  we were having a nice dinner at Red Lobster with some friends.  You know those kinds of dinners … no kids, great conversations, a little wine and beer, and pure gluttony.  I’m sure I was having the salmon, which is all I’ll pretty much eat at most restaurants (now I know to be sure it’s wild caught, though). My husband was enjoying some form of surf and turf, with crab legs I think.  He had finished his crab legs, but still had all of the delicious, melted butter left, so he decided to make a very logical choice.  He dipped the remaining French fries he had in the butter.  When I caught him doing this out of the corner of my eye, my lipophobia got the better of me and I chastised him, apparently loud enough for people at neighboring tables to turn and look.  Though remaining totally cool at the table (thanks, beer!), my husband was mortified.  He brings up the anecdote quite often, now that I’ve changed my tune on fat.  I would not applaud such a decision (though I would prefer he eat French fries made at home fried in lard or beef tallow).

Sneaking Soy
Ah, it shames me to admit this, but I used to think soy was healthy.  Not only that, but I sought ways to sneak soy into our diets.  Oh, woe is me for ever doing such a silly thing.  I now know about the anti-nutrients, the phytic acid and the psuedo-estrogens.  I used to drink the silk directly from the bottle, and I would add it to sauces I was making and even would add it to my dear husband’s coffee (in addition to his usual milk-based creamer).  I probably made him sick on more than one occasion by feeding him this stuff.  I’m sorry, babes!  I know better now.

Honey, you were right!  I’m glad we are (mostly) on the same page now regarding food.  We can both enjoy butter, full-fat dairy (including delicious local, raw cheese), bacon, ground beef, buttered vegetables, etc.

For those more interested in the benefits of butter and the disadvantages of soy, check out these links:



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