Friday, May 6, 2011

First Post: Why Did I Start This Blog?

Why did I start this blog?

This simple answer is that there is a LOT of misinformation out there about health and wellness.  Throughout this past year, I've delved into the research, reading lots of books, blogs, and research reviews, as well as listening to hours and hours of interviews with experts who have alternative (and sometimes marginalized) views about health, wellness and nutrition.  I've come to the conclusion that most conventional wisdom touted in the media on these subjects is just plain wrong (for a host of reasons well get into at some point).  I'm writing this blog as a means of spreading the truth.  My hope is that my family, friends, coworkers, colleagues and even strangers will read this blog and get a new understanding about health, and start embarking on their own Wellness Adventure.

My goal is to blog about the lessons I've learned and how I've put these ideas into practice in my own life.  I'm hoping that doing so will keep me honest, too.  It's one thing to know something is bad for your health and another thing entirely to actually cut it out of your life.  It's not easy, but no path that's worth taking is really all that easy.

I also want to spread the work of the many experts in alternative health that I've stumbled upon in my studies, so I plan to highlight the work of other, more experienced bloggers, as well as researchers, writers and thinkers.

To start this, I figured I would list and link to 10 of my favorite blogs (in no particular order):

Okay, that's all for my inaugural post.  Stay tuned for more and check out those links! 


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'll be featuring your blog in my next big health blog update likely in July.

  2. Thanks so much, Jimmy! You rock!!