Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quick Notes

Quick Notes

I’m still rather busy, but I wanted to update the blog with a few random notes:

  • I’m 1 pound away from reaching 50lb. weight loss (from April, 2010-present).  I’m excited to hit this milestone.  I feel SO much better because of the changes I’ve made in my diet and lifestyle.
  • Those “healthy whole grains” just might not be as healthy as everyone things.  Check out this PaleoSolution Podcast episode, featuring Dr. William Davis (who also has a prominent blog) about wheat.  He just wrote an intriguing book called Wheat Belly.  I just bought it, so I hope to read it and post a review of the book soon.
  • I’m thinking about seeing a Naturopath, in addition to my regular doctor.  I’ll let you know more about that soon, as well.
  • I’m still doing IF, though I’m basically doing my own version.  I rarely to 24 hour fasts. Mostly, I’m skipping breakfast 3 or so times per week, and eating my first meal of the day at 1pm.  That adds up to about 18 hours.
  • Over the summer, I started doing body-weight resistance exercises (assisted pull-ups, push-ups, squats, planks) and I’ve started noticing some definition in my arms, and increased endurance for physical tasks.  
  •  I had a dentist appointment today.  I had way less plaque/tartar than in previous years, and my teeth (aside from a couple of mercury fillings that are coming out within the year, hopefully), are in great shape.  I attribute this to the drastic cuts I've made in sugar and grain consumption.
  • Also, I’m hoping to do a nice, long post that tracks the progress I’ve made thus far in my journey to wellness.  Stay tuned.

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