Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eat Stop Eat - Overall Impressions

My apologies for not updating the blog more frequently.  Life keeps getting in the way.

I've been a bit less than scientific during this fasting period.  I have done 2 Eat Stop Eat 24-hour fasts so far, and I'm likely going to complete my third one today.

I don't find them to be any more difficult than the fasting I was doing for Fast-5, and I haven't noticed any changes in my physical or mental performance (or mood), doing the extended fasting.  I think I might be a bit more distracted by food, but it is easy to just think about how long you've been fasting and how much more to go (as the time already fasting is always longer than the time you have left, thanks to all of the fasting that occurs during sleep).

I haven't noticed any differences in my blood glucose levels between Eat Stop Eat and Fast-5.  My weight has been stable (and considering I've been eating a less than perfect diet this summer, that's impressive in and of itself).

At this point, I'm not sure which of the two fasting regimens I prefer. Fast-5 is nice because there's no thinking involved; you just do the same thing every day.  It's a nice way to avoid all of the junk that's thrown at me at work, too.  If I'm fasting, I'm not really tempted by snacks and treats.  I like having the extra time in the mornings to do things other than prepare and eat breakfast.  As far as Eat Stop Eat goes, it is nice to not "have" to fast every day.  It seems from reading the book that the 24 hour fasts might be more beneficial, as per the research, as well.  Doing IF once or twice a week is very manageable.

I am on vacation next week, and though I will likely fast in some way or another during my trip, I'm not going to do anything formal.  When I return, I'll begin the next fasting regimen.  I'll be doing the "Deconditioning Diet" as per Todd Becker.  His blog is Getting Stronger.

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